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“Have you made your registry yet?”

I can’t even begin to tell you just how many times I’ve heard that question. I kept procrastinating because, truthfully, I had no idea what I needed to include. But not too long ago, I decided to take the plunge. I sat down and began researching all the things babies “need”, and holy cow – Next thing I knew, it had been three hours, and I felt even more confused than when I had I begun.

“You need this swaddle, we never would’ve survived without it” one mom said, as the review directly underneath it warned you to run for the hills. Pampers or Huggies? To co-sleep, or not to co-sleep? Which carseat really is the best?

Needless to say, forming your registry can be daunting and overwhelming, especially for us first time moms. I spent so much time googling and reading blog after blog, trying to find articles with mom’s simply sharing their advice and opinons.

While some mom’s necessities are another mom’s “don’t waste your money” warning, I decided to just ask moms their opinions, and to share their advice. Picture this post as you sitting in a cozy coffee shop, and just hearing from a mama’s heart. This definitely isn’t a cookie cutter list (it goes without saying, every baby is different!), but if you’re overwhelmed and just want some good ole’ advice from mothers gone before, then grab a mug of tea, and hopefully this will, at the very least, help give you a general direction of items you can begin researching!

Happy registering!

“My top newborn items were the halo swaddle sleep sack, the skiphop owl sound machine with night light, the freida snot sucker, and lots of burp cloths! Those would be top picks for me:) Also, a playmat with hanging toys is something we got tons of use out of for months. And a groegg to tell the temperature of the nursery if your camera doesn’t have that feature” – Kristin G. 

“A double stroller from the start if you plan on having more kids. Diapers, wipes, diaper genie, the refill bags because those are hella expensive, the disposable bags for when your out and do a diaper change, a wet bag for blow outs and leaks.
Swaddle sacs and sleep sacs. That’s literally all that’s necessary.” – Candis M. 

“I really appreciated items that were for Baby beyond the newborn stage. We have enjoyed a simple shape sorter, activity table, books and balls for many months from the time he could sit up until over a year old. Simple cars and other rolling items have been fun too!” – Amy D. 

“Can never have enough of muslin wraps/cloths that’s for sure – they’re a must have!! Incredibly useful for burping, wiping bum, wrapping up, etc. you name it!” – Erica D. 

“Keep it really simple. What works for one baby might not work for another. I’ve had 2 babies and both were pretty different. Most of my purchases were reactive vs. Proactive (ie. This is happening with baby, people recommend x) and going out and getting it at the time… if that makes sense? I did enjoy my ergo carrier very much though, it was a gift and would have been out of my budget otherwise.” Lia M. 

“Wubanub x3 and the bjorn baby bouncer!” – Amanda D. 

“2 nursing pillows! So nice to have one in the nursery/ bedroom and one in the living room. Especially in the early days.” – Beckie S. 

“Swing for sure. We borrowed a mamaroo from a friend and baby doesn’t care for it. Lots of burp cloths, Velcro swaddles, rock n play, nose freida, infant tub, diaper genie, and pack n play. I didn’t register for any clothes. You will get a ton anyways.” – Lexi K.

“A rock n play was my savior!” – Lauren C.

“Things I used the most or would be lost without: A dishwasher basket for all the little bits that get tossed in there like bottle parts or pacifiers. Zipper sleepers (snaps are awful in the middle of the night). Formula travel containers that allow for pre measured servings. Night lights… everywhere. Solly/boba wrap. Vibrating nursing pillow. Bedside bassinet.

Things I bought and never use: Jogging stroller (too bully and heavy for easy one hand use) got a Armadillo stroller instead and it’s amazing. Pack and play. We used it once… for our cousins baby. Baby towels. Too thin and not very cosy. Regular towels do the job way better.” – Amanda C. 

“The owlet! Peace of mind is an amazing thing.” – Tessa L.

“Check out Baby Bargains website. They have lots of reviews and info on lots of items. It was a great starting point for me as a new mom.” – Michelle L. 

“Diapers diapers diapers – honestly best gift ever, it doesn’t even matter the size because Walmart will exchange any unopened diapers without a receipt.” – Jackie F.

“Some things will probably depend on the structure of your home but the thing we got that we loved…zip up onsies (cute outfits are fun but baby lived in these), sleep sacks, Aquaphor Baby Cream, clothes for outside the newborn stage, lots of burp rags. Later I learned a carrier/wrap was extremely helpful in the early days and gas drops! We also really liked some advanced toys (play gym, bouncer, books)” – Lindsey M. 

“My first baby, I was so grateful for baby medicine (orajel, Motrin, gas drops) I had no thought to these being part of our normal or how it always seemed I needed them in the middle of the night. My second, the Moby wrap, swaddle blankets that Velcro because after 3 kids I still can’t swaddle with a blanket.” – Kandace H. 

“8 kids here. My favorites are a stroller, pajamas and diapers! I do like the muslin blankets, Aiden and Anis from Target a lot!” – Susie E. 

“A baby carrier to wear them in. I cannot recommend this enough and paying a bit more for a high quality one is worth it. I have a moby wrap and while i love it, it’s a chore to put on and gets hot. I just got an Ergo and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I’d recommend getting the infant insert too to use while baby is tiny.” – Jessica P.

“Baby Brezza is an awesome extra that you don’t really need but is really great, if you don’t plan to breastfeed or think you will supplement with formula at some point.” – Stacy C. 

“Halo sleep sacs are a must for me! I prefer the fleece ones over the thin/cotton ones.” – Kelly M. 

“A Boppy is #1. A good stroller. Pack n play. Swing.” – Mary S.

“The hard part about listing things is every baby/mom is different! My kids hated the baby swings and so those were a waste of money also I wouldn’t even recommend a wipes warmer, bottle warmer or changing table (just a changing pad). I would say the things that I felt were necessary were a diaper genie and triple paste ointment (the only one that made any diaper rash disappear) everything else I could live without.” – Nicolle G.

“Items not needed: wipes warmer, pack n play, bassinet, and pacifiers.” – Lauren S. 

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