Fall leaves - Jordan lynette

I meant to get this post up yesterday, but… oops. Hey, better late than never, right? Here are just a few snapshots from our weekend!

The leaves are falling, and the weather here is about two degrees cooler, so that means fall is upon us! It’s a little different from those Massachusetts falls Thomas is used to, but he’s “warming” up to it. Get it? Okay, sorry, that was lame.

Thomas painting my toes

I had to add this. You guys… how cute is he! Ahh. I married up with him, without.a.doubt. I couldn’t bend over to paint my toes, and it was essential to have painted toes, ya know? It also makes me laugh because he is such a perfectionist (note the paper towel on the ground, whereas I didn’t care if it got all over my sandals), and he kept making comments like “ugh, this lighting is awful” and “If we had more time, this toe would look so much better, I promise”. AHH. He’s always so, so good to me. My heart is so full of love for him, sometimes I wonder how it’s still able to beat properly.

Rangers Game with Amber and Levi

We met up with Amber and Levi (aka our favorite people to have double dates with) for a Rangers Game… it was a blast, y’all. Highly recommend. It was our first time going, since my man happens to be more of a hockey guy, but he still enjoyed it. (; Also, Thomas & Levi’s friendship is the cutest thing in the whole world.

We both have the honor of being in their wedding NEXT MONTH (sorry, everyone is so excited so that just called for an all caps moment), and we can’t wait for these two to get married. AGH. We love you guys.

Thomas&Jordan ranger gameAmber&Levi ranger game

Too much fun. The end.

Baby Skrodzki

Last but certainly not least (obvz)… we got to see our baby!!! That nose! We both fell in love instantly. Well, we kind of already were, but seeing that nose just proved it. (; Everything is looking perfect, and we are so so excited to meet our baby.

first family photo

Our first family photo! I know these last two photos especially are poor quality, but we were freaking out in the car after our appointment and were far to excited to worry about quality. (; It was so crazy to see every detail of our baby, from the spine to the toes, and I’m just so amazed by the hand of our Creator. To think He’s knitting this life together inside of my womb is incredible, to put it lightly.

Baby Skrodzki, keep growing strong & healthy. Your daddy and I can’t wait to meet you soon.

P.S. I’m still praying that you get your daddy’s eyelashes.

Happy Tuesday, friends!



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