Fall Bucket List 2017

Is it too early to say that it’s fall, yet? Truth be told, I’ve been ready for fall since April. I know that’s a bit of an unpopular opinion, but there’s just something about the crisp air and hoodies and crunching leaves and apple cider and Thanksgiving food and…sigh.

Fall has always been my favorite.

When we first found out I was pregnant back in April, the end of the year seemed so far away — and now? Good grief, we’ve got two full months left of just “Jordan & Thomas time”, and while we are so excited understatement of the century to meet our little one, we want to live these last few months as fully and intentionally as possible.

So, alas! Our Fall Bucket List. Well, my fall bucket list, that when I show Thomas, he’ll say “That’s awesome, baby! Let’s do it!” So, ours. (;

Here’s to fall, and to accomplishing everything on this list!


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