I have a secret talent.

Growing up, it was most definitely my mom’s favorite thing about me, and now she just laughs as it’s now Thomas’ problem *ahem* joy to deal with.

Curious? Okay, fine, I’ll share.

Every time, without fail (and I kid you not, this is no exaggeration), I fall in love with the most expensive item. Be it a shirt, a candle, a dish on a restaurant menu… every.single.time. If you hold up two similar items, I will, without a doubt, choose the most expensive of the two, and I honestly have no idea why.

That’s been the story of my life for as long as I can remember. My mom attempted to train me to look at the price tags before I ever even look at the item, but, well… ya know. Shrugs shoulders. 

I’m also a sucker for advertising. Cute packages, bright colors, anything that has anything to do with anything being french…I die. Example above from my grocery trip this morning. I spent waaaay too much on four little jars of yogurt instead of just buying the budget-friendly tub. But, ugh, France + cute tiny jars. Thanks, Yoplait.

{Also, side note: how cool is my Darth Vader toaster peeking through? Agh. Obsessed with that thing.}

On top of this heavy burden I carry, I also love shopping. Like, shopping > breathing. Okay, that’s a bit too dramatic, but I’m a firm believer in retail therapy. And, who am I kidding, I’m also a firm believer in retail –just because it’s 12:08 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon- therapy.

As you can imagine, since I wasn’t born into tons of money, hit the jackpot, or became an Amber Fillerup level blogger… this makes for a difficult dilemma. Especially since my husband is the total opposite. Our normal shopping trip dialog is usually something like this:

We need hand soap. 

T: “If I get the antibacterial, no fun scent added, ugliest bottle on the shelf, we will save 17 cents.”

J: “But baby! I want this super awesome soap that’s neon orange with a bottle shaped like a hexagon that smells like sugar plum fairies and the tears of Brazilian unicorns that is $2 more expensive than the one you’re even comparing that to.”

Ya know what I mean? It’s rough. That poor guy. God bless him. He’s the sweetest man in the entire universe, and he doesn’t ever tell me no – his no is just saying “I love you.” To which I respond “ugh.” But it’s still pretty sweet, right? Even when I’m sad because I wanted the hand soap on steroids and all he said was “I love you”, I just love that man of mine.

Okay, I’m getting sidetracked. This was quite the introduction. All this to say: Getting married young, learning how to manage finances + budget, and not being able to buy all the cute stuff I don’t need in the slightest but feel like I need has been the struggle of my life so far.

In this post, I won’t share budgeting tips or anything of that sort, because honestly, I’m still trying to figure all of that out. Pretty much 90% of everything I’ve learned & implemented are tips my sister-in-law have shared with me (thanks, Amanda 😉 ), so I won’t even pretend to be an expert there. BUT, I did just want to write out a few tips that have helped me not want to try to talk my husband into letting me spend $273 on online shopping every week. Or, how I suppress that urge, rather. (;


This sounds ridiculous, I know. But, it’s true, and this one helps me a ton. It doesn’t really fix my problem of loving the most expensive things (if anyone can help me with that, please do. Thomas would be forever grateful, I’m sure), but this one helps me whenever the online shopping bug comes-a-crawlin’. Whether it’s a youtube video, learning a new song on the guitar, just making a cup of tea…whatever. I just try to find something else to take joy in, and then usually I can push it off…a day or two. (;


Okay, sorry, I couldn’t resist wording it like that. But yes, become a dealer, y’all. Ooooor, a Deal Finder. That could almost pass as a legitimate job title. Or not. But do it. Grocery shopping is usually the only time I’m good at this, but maybe you’re much stronger than I. If I walk into the grocery store with the thought of getting everything I need as cheaply as I can, then I’m less likely to get drawn into which package of cheese looks the fanciest. Notice how I said less likely (I failed with those yogurts today…BUT YOU GUYS. They’re french AND they’re in cute little jars. After all, life is for living), but I’m much better at this when Thomas is with me, because the fancy cheese won’t fly for him. (; He wasn’t with me this morning, hence the yogurt, so maybe I should re-title this section ONLY GO SHOPPING WITH A SAVER BREATHING DOWN YOUR NECK. Take your pick, friend.


Now, I’m not a coupon-er. I hate all things crafty, so sitting down and cutting out coupons just sounds gross to me. And, I hate talking to people more than I have to (extreme introvert, here), so having to do all of that with the cashier just…no thanks. BUT – this app, y’all. It’s amazing. You just put in your location, it pulls up the stores you shop at, and it shows all the different coupons + deals for that store. Then, you save the coupons, scan your receipt after your shopping trip, and it gives you your money back within two days. It’s brilliant. Last week, there was a coupon on there for free eggs, and prior to being pregnant, eggs were disgusting to me. But now? Now, I go through a dozen a week, easy. So getting free eggs was bomb. You need this app! They have many more stores + deals than just groceries, too! It’s just an easy, no-brainer way to save money…so you can spend it on other things, of course.


Hi, Jordan, I’m speaking to myself on this one. Take an hour or two, lay everything out, build your budget, and stick to it. Come hell or high water. Like, for real. There are so so so many resources online to assist you in building the budget that works for your life, so do it if you don’t have one already. Whether you’re married, single, have kids, no kids, whatever. Everyone has money, everyone spends money, everyone should budget. Okay? Okay.


If you want to save money, you have to do this one, guys. It’s not optional. Again, there are so many resources online & on Pinterest for this, so you have no excuse! But it’s necessary. Like, beyond. I’m a throw everything into something, add some spices, and call it dinner kind of cook, so this one was hard for me at first, but it has saved us so much money. I’d love to do some sort of “how I meal plan” post in the future, if anyone would like that. But for now, Pinterest it up! Seriously. This one just miiiight be the most important.

As I’ve mentioned so many times in this post that you’re probably annoyed if you’ve made it this far – I fail so badly at this. I guarantee you, the people that know me in real life are going to laugh their faces off when they read this title, because guys, I’m just so bad.

But I’m trying. And I want to share when I learn, when I fail, when I grow, and all of that jazz with you guys, on this little internet space.

I’d love to hear any budgeting + saving money + how-to-love-cheap-stuff tips you guys may have!



P.S. – Ugh. After I edited this post, I realized I had a tab to Hobby Lobby and Shop PinkBlush opened…with the carts prettttty full. Someone stop me. But, here’s to improving, and striving to end the day a better version of yourself then when you began it! (; And yes, I closed the tabs. No unnecessary purchases made…today.

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