Ahh, simply typing that title is a dream come true. I’m still in shock that I finally got to see Ed! Aaaaaaaaaall the heart eye emojis. It was everything I’ve ever dreamt it would be, you know, except he didn’t play my favorite song. But it’s fine. I’m fine.

I see a lot of bloggers do posts like this, and I always think they’re super fun to read! Am I as good at makeup/photography/hair/fashion/life in general as all the bloggers I see do this? Absolutely not. Obviously. But I thought I would post my mediocre photos anyway, because I wanted to try my hand at it. From now until my next beauty post, I’ll be researching ways to make these better. Because duh. But for now, this is it, y’all.

….enjoy? Okay, I’ll quit rambling.


I’m always super basic when it comes to hair: natural waves, ludicrous amounts of dry shampoo, and volume. Lots and lots of volume. My fall-back hairstyle is a messy, slightly haphazard look, just because that’s what my hair does on it’s own, but I wanted to add something extra to it.

For the concert, I started with my natural waves (hair routine soon?), I dry shampoo-ed (because that’s totally a verb) the heck out of it, and I attempted to add some structured waves with this iron, but I’ll confess: it was a fail. I tried to follow the steps I read in an article about Blake Lively’s waves because TBH I’m forever & always trying to be Blake Lively, but my hair doesn’t hold very well, so it ended up just exploding into a frizzy mess that I threw into a messy braid mid-show. But hey, I tried. If anyone has mastered the Blake Waves, help a sister out, pleaseandthankyou.


STEP ONE: FACE // This is the foundation I use when I’m reallllly trying, ya know? Definitely not everyday, but let’s be real, it’s mainly because ya girl can’t afford that. Next, I apply this concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes, which pregnancy is causing my face to breakout like cray so I used a little bit more than normal. I’m still waiting on that stereotypical glow, y’all. I’m almost out of this stuff; I’m literally scraping the sides of it and somehow get more out each time I use it. It’s seriously magic in a tube, and I’m not emotionally ready to throw it away, but I’m also not ready to shell out the cash for a new one, either. Oh, & this brush just helps blend everything, but I won’t lie, 9/10 times I just blend with my fingers.

STEP TWO: FINISHING FACE TOUCHES (sounds legit) // This contour brush is the best thing that has ever happened to this planet, guys. You need one. I use it to apply my bronzer just in the normal “3” motion, and then blend like crazy because I don’t want a streaky face. Because ew. Then, I use whatever blush I’m feeling, and this night it was this rosy color by Bare Minerals. Love this stuff. Lastly for face, I highlight AKA become a glowing celestial being and it’s most definitely my very favorite makeup step ever. My new life motto is “if I ain’t glowing, I ain’t going”, and I think that’s gonna stick around for awhile.

STEP THREE: EYES // Final step is the eyes. I have two palettes that I alternate between (my other fave), but I decided on this one mainly because I grabbed it first. I spent like twenty minutes (pretty much the longest I’ve ever spent on eyeshadow ever) trying to follow an elaborate tutorial I saw on youtube, but thanks to my eye shape, you couldn’t even see it. So, that was a waste. Next, I lined. This liner is 400% my favorite because it just glides on so smoothly. I even did a little tiny baby wing, and this girl that lacks all skill was super proud of herself. I took this brown liner and lined my waterline just for some more definition. Lastly, I finished it off with mascara. Lots and lots (and lots and…) of mascara.

And voila! Awkward selfie of the completed “look”. Oh wait! Brows. I also did my brows. I always do my brows.


DRESS (PinkBlush Maternity) // SHOES (similar here & here)

In this post, I already mentioned that I wore this dress to the concert, so I won’t elaborate on that. But yeah, that concludes the outfit portion.


I hope I don’t get my blogging license revoked for posting poor quality photos, but I just had to add them. It’s the best I got, okay. I kept just getting caught up in being there that I forgot to adequately document it, but I don’t think that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’ll just close this out by saying it was pure magic, y’all. If you ever get the chance to see Ed – go. Or give me your ticket. I’m cool with whichever.

Lastly, I just gotta give a public thank you to my beautiful sister-in-law here for taking me. Amy, I will be in debt to you for the entire remainder of my earthly existence. 😉

I hope you enjoyed this poorly photographed + edited + constructed post! (;

Tell me, any other Ed lovers out there?

What’s your go-to night out look?

Do you like this sort of post? Beauty blogging is one of my faves, but obviously I’ll only do it if the people are interested. (;



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