DRESS: C/O PinkBlush Maternity

Okay, I’ll just say it: I’ll be the first to admit that I’m obviously not a model.

BUT YOU GUYS – this dress. I love it so stinkin’ much, I just had to give it it’s own dedicated post. Seriously, I’m convinced every pregnant mama needs this in their closet. It’s comfortable, classic, and makes bumps a trillion and ten times cuter. My mom kept commenting on how I’m “now a cute pregnant lady”, and it’s definitely all because of this dress. (; It’s just a necessity, y’all.

I wore this dress to the Ed Sheeran concert (eeeeep, post coming soon!), and it.was.perfection.

The dress and the concert. (;

With fall right around the corner, you just have to throw on some tights, booties, a scarf, and boom – you’re ready to rumble. Or go. Or whatever your preferred term is.

Also, side note – can we just take a moment to acknowledge that I accidentally left my¬†ponytail (although a lot of people have told me it’s a hair tie, so…hair tie)¬†on my wrist? I have a serious problem. If it’s not in my hair, it’s on my wrist. If you ever see me and feel the need to put your hair up but don’t have one of these bad boys — ask me. I got you, girl.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Anyone else as excited as I am for fall being right around the corner? Apple cider, bonfires, oversized hoodies, crisp air…ahhhhh. Heaven.

What are some of your fall traditions? I’d love to hear them, as Thomas & I are trying to forge our own. (:


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