“A true Christian must not be a slave to what’s currently ‘in-fashion,’ if he wants to train his child for heaven. He must not be content to teach them and instruct them in certain ways, merely because it is customary, or to allow them to read books of a questionable sort, merely because everybody else reads them, or to let them form bad habits, merely because they are the habits of the day. He must train with an eye to his children’s souls. He must not be ashamed to hear his training called odd and strange. What if it is? The time is short—the customs of this world are passing away. He that has trained his children for heaven, rather than for the earth—for God, rather than for man—he is the parent that will be called wise in the end.”
– J. C. Ryle

I shared this quote + photo on my Instagram a few days ago, but I also wanted to write a post and have it here, because I just have so many thoughts in my brain that I have to get them out somehow.

You see, I’m kind of freaking out over the fact that I’ll soon be responsible for guiding a little soul to Heaven. What a huge responsibility, and I certainly don’t take it lightly.

I’m a huge quotes person, so naturally I’ve been reading quotes from wise people gone before me on the topic of parenting. I’m constantly asking my mom how she did certain things, and in a nutshell, I’m just trying to prepare for motherhood. I want to go into it ready. I guess I’ve been thinking that if I read enough books & quotes, then boom, I’ll just be perfect at it. I’ve read blogpost over blogpost on “How to be a Perfect Mom” and other titles of that sort, and I’ve decided one thing: the only way I’ll succeed as a mother is if I don’t do it myself. I’ll need to cling to Jesus every moment, day in and day out, and have Him love + guide my babies through me. Because I’m gonna fail. Like a lot. But He won’t.

These quotes sum it all up beautifully:

“Mothers can tremendously impact the future of the Lord’s heritage, as Paul testified about Timothy’s start for the Lord: ‘and that from childhood you have known’ (2 Timothy 3:15). Young Timothy, in a home with an unblieving father, was shaped by a Word-filled mother. Everyday I prayerfully set out to do the same. During this short life on earth – this prelude to eternity – God has assigned us parents the role of standing in His place to show our children what He is like. My husband says, ‘God has given us their tiny hands to hold, to walk with in this world, step by step, until we lead them to their heavenly Father, and place their hands in His everlasting hand.” – Bonnie Barnett

“God will help you, as you keep a steady focus on the Lord and search for His unchanging truths, to increasingly model the characteristics of a genuine disciple of Christ. Does He expect perfection? No, for that is impossible this side of heaven. Remember: God isn’t after your ability, but your availability. Simply put, God wants your heart. As you surrender yourself unreservedly to Christ, the Holy Spirit will use the Word of God to conform you into the image of God, for His Glory. (Romans 12:1-2). ” – Bonnie Barnett

So, that’s it, guys. That’s how we succeed at anything in life right there. I’m so thankful to serve a God that doesn’t require my perfection, because I’d be hopeless. I’m so thankful He promises that His strength is made perfect in my weakness, because ya girl is weak.

I don’t know where you’re at in your life, but these promises and concepts are applicable to you too, regardless of your season. We are all weak. We are all fallen, sinful creatures, that through salvation, are merely redeemed because God is good. Ah, I love the Gospel.

I want to be a Word-filled mother. I want to keep a steady focus on the Lord. And by God’s grace, that’s the kind of mother (and person, really) I’m gonna spend every day trying to become.

Who’s with me?



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