I fully intended to do weekly pregnancy updates because a.) I love reading them and b.) I want to document everything about this pregnancy because I want to be able to look back and compare different things with any future pregnancies I’ll have down the road. Alas! Here it is – the second trimester. And I’ve blogged a whopping two times since I shared that I was pregnant. Since I failed to write about this during the entire duration of my first trimester, I’m just going to recap weeks 1-13 and call it a day.

I’ve had this written up and sitting in my drafts for a week now because I’ve been meaning to get a bump picture to add, but truth be told… I don’t have much of a bump yet. It just looks like I’m showing you how my stomach looks after I leave a restaurant, which iiiiiiiiisn’t cute. So, I’ll just post this photo-less, and share a bump picture when I actually have a real one to show!

Confession: I have been eating so.bad. And consequently, I have been feeling so.bad. But somehow I’ve still managed to lose five pounds, so hey, thanks first trimester pukes. It’s been real. I’ve been trying to eat super clean lately though because I know it’s super important for baby. Hit me up with your favorite healthy meal/snack/thing to shove in your face, please. 😉 I’ve been craving fruit & veg (okay, I watch too many youtubers from the UK that say that and I think it’s the cutest thing ever) like crazy lately, so I’ll take it!

We’ve gotten to hear the heartbeat twice now, and it’s just so surreal. I’ve been struggling with a fear of birth for, well, obvious reasons, and whenever I heard the sound of that heartbeat, I just knew I would do/go through anything for my baby. Anything. The sound of the heartbeat is still ringing in my ears. I’ve never felt such a deep, protective love in all my life. I can’t wait to meet this little mystery that’s being woven inside me. Baby Skrodzki, you are so stinking loved.

As far as energy and sickness go, I’ve been feeling amazing the past week or so! Before that, I don’t want to talk about it. Nothing but horrid memories. But now I’m good, so life is good once again.

My sister showed me a place around here where I can find out the sex of the baby as early as 15 weeks! Y’all, that’s me next week. To think I’m getting so close to finding out what my baby is is both exciting and terrifying. Thomas and I are still trying to decide if we’re ready to know, so I’ll keep ya posted. 😉

I can’t think of anything else to add, although I feel like I should say more since I’m covering three months of my life, ya feel? I guess, along with this statement, I can add that the pregnancy brain that everyone talks about is real. Truth is, if everyone says it, then it’s probably for a reason. I’m learning that more and more these days.



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