Hiiii guuuuuys.

It’s me, Jordan, but you probably don’t remember me because it’s been a decade and a half since I’ve been on here. Why must I start out every single post like this? I keep telling myself I’ll get better, but I mean it for real this time, guys. I (think I) promise.

I was so excited that I was pregnant and could finally have a mom blog because it’s been a secret dream of mine for years. Starting from when I was about 13, I would waste hours reading blogpost after blogpost on “How I Sleep Trained my 2 Hour Old” and “What I Feed My Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Fun-Free Toddler in a Day”. Or the titles were something like that. I don’t remember.

When I saw those two lines, my head started spinning with a.) holy cow I’m going to be an actual mom and b.) I can transition my blog into a mom blog and live my dreams and everything is going to be amazing aaaand…. one itty bitty problem…

I kinda forgot that morning sickness was a thing.

I’m one week away from the second trimester, and I really doubt my ability to make it that far sometimes. I keep hearing that the second trimester is like the oasis of pregnancy, and I can’t wait to arrive. One week. I can do this.

Thankfully, my sickness has gone down enough so that I actually feel like a human again —  very tired human that’s growing another human, but still human, nonetheless. Now that I don’t spend the majority of my life with my face in the toilet these days, I thought I’d try to mend the damage I’ve done by slacking off here (hello, decrease in views that I worked so hard to get).

I don’t even have a main point of this post, as I’m sure you’ve guessed already, I just, I don’t know. To try to come up with one: Hi, I’m still alive, this post is awful but I’m hoping to have better content up soon so plz still like me.

Truthfully, with this post, I wanted to say hi.

I’ve missed blogging. One of my June goals is to be more consistent so #prayforme. 

I wish I had some cute pictures or something to add to at least give this some substance, but my photo album on my phone is pretty much just screenshots from random pregnancy stuff on Pinterest, so I’ll spare you.

To anyone who actually read this post I wrote solely to ease my guilty conscience: you’re amazing. Truly. You’re valued and loved. I hope you have an amazingly beautiful day.


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