At the risk of sounding incredibly vague, and somewhat cliché, here we go… Because, if I can’t be real on this blog of mine, then I can’t be real anywhere. I’ve been needing to sit down at Thomas’ laptop (lol) and just… w r i t e. I haven’t been doing that enough lately. I’m going to try to peg down these thoughts I have swirling in my mind onto this white screen. Try being the keyword.

This year, as I’ve ventured into blogging, I’ve seen this trend spreading through the blogging world: to pick a word for the new year. A word. Any word. And this word will be your word for year. Granted, I’m not so sure it’s a “new” thing, or something held specifically for bloggers, but you know. And at first I wasn’t that into it, and thought “ehh… I don’t really get it.” So, I decided I was not going to give into peer pressure and just continue on my merry little way. But, this idea hasn’t really left my mind. Now, here life is, being April. The end of April at that. And it kind of just hit me. The word that popped into my mind wasn’t a word anyway, it was a phrase:

Never take life for granted.

And that’s the phrase that I’m going to remind myself each morning when I wake up. And it’s the phrase that’s going to play through my mind all day. Because surprisingly, it’s kind of an easy thing to do, taking this precious life we have for granted. Don’t you agree? I sure have been guilty of it, on many occasions.

But then, life happened. Like, I mean, LIFE, life. The messy, scary, upsetting, stomach-wrenching, ugly-tears-inducing LIFE. And, man, I kinda hate it when life happens. And it is really easy to fall into this “woe is me” “Why, GOD?” “Nobody else has ever felt pain like this before” type of mindset. It’s so easy to succumb to sadness and let it just completely consume every aspect of your being. Too easy, really.

But, we don’t have to give into those thoughts. We have a choice. You make choices. The choice is yours. The choice is mine. And you know what? I choose to take the road less traveled. I choose to not do what comes easy, and to NEVER take this life for granted and to NOT wallow in sadness. Because, I mean, we’ve all got something terrible in our lives, but for all that sadness, there’s so much joy, too. Just the fact that I’ve been given this life, that my savior died for MY sins (and yours, and hers, and theirs!) Like, WHAT?! Who am I? Really, though. I’m nothing by myself. But guess what. I’m not just myself. I’m so much bigger because of this. And I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

And, hey, really bad things happen. I mean, REALLY BAD. I know this. All too well. I do. But I know that with everything, there is a purpose. And God has a plan for all of us. And I just need to accept it and TRUST in Him, and know that I am not alone. And none of us are. And I plan on remembering this every time I’m feeling really sad about my life. Every time I think that something isn’t fair, and why do I have to go through this? Why me? Why my family? WHY? Well, the why isn’t for me to know. And then I’ll remember to take this precious life and really LIVE with it. Isn’t that the point, anyway? Because, none of us are in control. That’s a pretty crazy thing to accept, but I’ve fully accepted it now. Who knows what tomorrow brings? Who cares? All we have is right now. All we have is today. And today is good enough for me.

So. Will you pledge to live by this phrase with me? Let’s do it together. Never take this life for granted. Let’s live each day to it’s fullest, together, and know that God has a plan for us all.



“Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” – Jim Elliot

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  1. Jordan, just wanted you to know I did look at Pink Blush and got so exited about floral fabric and finally yesterday did buy a top from them. I just can’t wait for it to come. Thank you for introducing me to them. Love you.

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