the best sandwich ever


Read: The most delicious sandwich ever. At least I hope that’s what it says, because that’s what I was going for. Yes, I had to search that in google translate. (I’m too afraid to see if it’s accurate enough or if I’m going to humiliate myself, so I’m just going to copy & paste, close my eyes, press publish, and hope for the best.)

BUT YOU GUYS — it’ So naturally, I had to write up this short random post and share. The most delicious sandwich ever? Bold claim, I know, but hear me out. All you do is slice up some brie cheese, thinly slice a honey crisp apple (okay, any apple will do, but I’m biased), sandwich it all together in the, well, sandwich, and devour. Or eat like a lady. Idk.

The brie + apple combination is something I read out of a book about France years ago, and have been obsessed ever since. Pretty much any rich cheese + fruit combo is *insert the word in french here that means amazing*. Granted, I used what I had and only had one slice of sourdough bread left so a.) it looks awkward, b.) It’s definitely not photogenic, and c.) It’s nowhere near authentic but that doesn’t change the taste factor so, work with me here.

To be more accurate, you would make it on a baguette and have perfect natural light to take your photos in with the Eiffel Tower all blurred in the back, but…Texas. So. Please don’t mind the awful picture. (;

All this rambling to say: Try.It.

The end.

(actually I have to say:



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