Welcome to my new Friday series! Each Friday, I’ll share my favorites from the week; songs, books, movies, products, verses — whatever I’m feeling. If I’ve been loving it, I’ll share it! I hope you guys enjoy! Read last week’s post HERE.)

Can we please just ignore the fact that it’s Sunday? Okay, I’m just going to move along and really hope you said yes.

This was suuuuch a fantastic week. Pretty sure it ranks up there with one of the best weeks I’ve ever had. Is that pushing it? I’m honestly not sure, but yeah. And you guys, it’s sprriiiinngggg in Texas! Flowers, sunshine but not the burning Texas heat yet, park dates, summer dresses and sandals, tans….in other words: happiness.

So, because I can’t think of a smooth transition, let’s just jump into some things I’ve been lovin’ this week!

one || Can I just copy and paste the above paragraph here because SPRING okay I’m sorry I’ll move on now.

two || I had lunch date with my mom at La Madeline and…french food? It’s the best. Also, I love my mom, and I so enjoy the times when we get to run off and do fun stuff like this. Not sure if the food or my mom is my favorite from this one though, tbh.Lunch date

three || The Halo Top experience, read about it here in case you missed it. (; Have I rambled enough about how much I love Thomas? I’m going to assume that’s a yes, so y’all got lucky this time that this is just what I’m saying about it.

four || This quote by Jim Elliot — this quote has been my favorite since I was fourteen and just began studying about the lives of him and others like him who gave their lives for Christ. I saw this picture, and I fell.in.love. It’s my new lock screen on my phone, and it took the place of a picture of Thomas, so I guess you could say things are serious. I love having this as my lock screen because each time I look at my phone (which, I’ll admit, is too much) I’m reminded to remain fully in the moment that I’m currently in. I tend to be a bit of a dreamer, and I don’t want to wish my life away by constantly dreaming of what’s next. I want to fully live and enjoy every moment I’m given to the absolute fullest, so, yeah. I love this.

Jim Elliot Quote

five || Y’all… saving the best for last with this one: I gained a new sister & nephew this weekend! This was the reason I didn’t get this post up sooner, haha. I was too busy wedding-ing, because that’s a thing. I couldn’t be happier about these two joining our family! I love them both so much, and this is a happy happy haaaaappy thing. It’s just one of my favorites. (;

Thank y’all for reading, and sorry for not getting this up on Friday, since it iiiiis Friday Favorites *ahem*. Time management — I need it.

I hope you (continue to) have a wonderful weekend!



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