Everyday, Thomas & I have this thing where he calls me on his way home from work. I mean, that’s not weird, right? Pssh. Right. Yesterday, as he was driving home, he said “Okay, baby, I’m gonna have to let you go now so I can fill up the car with gas.” Seems logical enough eeeeeexcept for the fact that he.filled.it.up.the.night.before.

My mind starts rolling. Why is he lying to me? Are we not as close as I thought we were? What secret is he keeping?

Thirty(ish… I mean, I’m not crazy enough to count) minutes pass… 

Surely it doesn’t take thirty minutes to fill up a stinkin’ tank, right?

Then, I hear it. The car door slam. The front door open. Quick, let me grab a book and look like I’m so engrossed in it because duh that just felt like the correct response because WHY DID HE LIE TO ME, ya feel?

As my husband walked in the room, I looked up to see him swinging a grocery bag behind his back.

“Well,” he stutters, “I told you I was putting gas in the car but then you caught on so I couldn’t call you back when I got back to the car because you would’ve kept asking me and I didn’t want to ruin it and….”

Y’all. The bag contained…






Healthy ice cream in my most favorite flavor of everything in the whole world. Like really, I lied — I’m pretty sure red velvet is my love language.

& he just wanted to surprise me. Like what. Cue the happy tears.

I adore this man with every fiber of my being. And yes, that pint is now a goner. Did you see the calorie count for the whole thing? Don’t judge me, thankyouverymuch.

Eating Halo Top Ice cream

If you couldn’t tell, I’m one happy girl. Makeup-less face, horrid selfie skills, and all.

Have you tried Halo Top yet?



P.S. – This post isn’t sponsored by Halo Top, but by all means, Halo Top, feel free to hit me up. Plz.


  1. Adorable story!!! I really enjoyed Halo Top too. This was one bandwagon I had to see enough people jump on before I bit the bullet and spent $6 on one pint of ice cream (eep!) BUT after I saw so many people (and not just food/fitness bloggers) post about it… I decided to spend a small ice cream fund fortune on it. I tried plain chocolate (can’t fool me with pretty sprinkles or delicious cookie dough, mysterious Halo!) and I was dang impressed.

    1. Giiiiiirl, you need to try the oatmeal cookie flavor. I hate oatmeal, I hate oatmeal cookies, but they just put magic in this flavor to make it unbelievable or something, haha! You have to try it! But, now I feel bad recommending it if you don’t like it, so… 😉 I mean, it’s good. 😉

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