Hey guys — welcome to installment #3 of the Loving by Love Languages series! A few weeks ago, I asked Kailie Cooper, the incredible wife of my pastor, if she would write the post on Acts of Service, and I’m so blown away with her and the words she shared!

The Cooper’s just welcomed their second baby girl last week, and the fact that Kailie still managed to write this is mind boggling to me. She’s amazing, brilliant, gorgeous, wise, (insert every other positive description here), and I think y’all are going to love this one! I’m so incredibly grateful to you, Kailie, for taking the time to write this. Michael, let me know what her favorite candy is, okay?

So, get ready to take notes, and I’ll quit rambling so you can get to the good stuff!

Well this is a bit different for me, but when Jordan asked me to help her with the love language of Act of Service, I was humbled and couldn’t turn it down because it’s my primary love language. If you have someone in your life who feels loved through Acts of Service, I would like to give you some ways to better understand their love language and to make them feel loved. I’ll start with some ways that I feel loved as a wife and mom, then as a friend, and lastly how we share our love language.

• We aren’t picky. So lucky for you, it almost takes zero effort (depending on how you view it) to make us feel loved. My amazing husband suggested a few weeks ago that we buy paper plates…kind of a strange suggestion, but he was thinking ahead for when we have our second little girl and having to do the dishes would be a lot easier if we could just throw them away. (Or he knew he was going to end up doing the dishes and was trying to avoid it, but still, he spoke my love language!) He has been working from home a lot recently, and I’ll get home to find the laundry done, the trash taken out, the coffee table cleaned off and organized, or if he happens to be the one to keep our toddler that day, she’s bathed and has her pj’s on so I didn’t have to do it when I got home. I don’t think he truly knows how loved I feel when he does stuff like that.

• Friends…..the majority of the time, your friends may not know or recognize your love language. But somehow they always “know” what to do. Just even offering to help in any way they can is big. Personally, I don’t like asking for help. (because it’s the complete opposite of my love language) I am very strong-willed and hard headed. But this can get in the way if your family or friends share the same love language as you. What I mean by that is, if your friends primary love language is Acts of Service and they offer to do something for you, but you turn it down because “you can do it yourself”, you take away that joy and blessing from them being able to bless you. Sometimes you just need to say yes.

• Finally, as someone whose primary love language is Acts of Service, I find so much joy in doing just that for other people. My favorite thing to do is take every opportunity to share my passion with my daughter Sophia. If we are standing in line at the grocery store, and someone drops something, I immediately ask her to help them pick it up. Or when I used to nanny, when the lawn care crew showed up on a very hot day, I had the kids take some cold Gatorade and water out to them. The kids really enjoyed doing that and the lawn crew appreciated it a lot. So just by doing something in the smallest of ways, blesses more people than you may think.

Just think small…..it means the world to us!

Again, HUGE thanks to Kailie for taking the time to write this! I pray that you were blessed and impacted by her words, and that it gave you tips + ideas to love those in your life whose primary love language is acts of service. Feel free to drop a comment, send an email, send a smoke signal – whatever your preferred method of communication; I’d love to hear what you learned!

Much love,


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