Hey y’all!

So…I haven’t posted in a while. Obviously. I’ve put a bit of pressure on myself to always write “important” things, the kind of things that people may actually wish to read. But, in the process, I’ve forgotten my original intent with this blog — to document my life, dreams, thoughts, and whatever else. Today, I plan to do just that.

I want to do a random life update, and just write out the things that have been going on here in my nook of the world.

Time With Friends:

On Sunday, we went to a friend’s birthday party. We had such a blast! Thomas and Levi are seriously the cutest best friends in the whole world. Seriously.

I mean, look. To be fair, Levi was forced to wear the birthday hat, so he’s usually more normally expressed in the facial region. But yeah. It’s adorbs. They’re adorbs. Case closed.


I also got to spend some time with Amber, one of my dearest friends, at the party. She was a bridesmaid in our wedding, and undoubtedly, she’ll be among my favorites forever. I’m pretty sure she’s never met a stranger in her life. Close your eyes and imagine theeeeeeeee loudest, craziest, most talkative, most extroverted person you know. Now, times it by ten.

Boom! You have Amber. I adore this girl.

Random Stuff:

I know, I know. I broke the first commandment of blogging: I didn’t get pics of some stuff. Please don’t fire me. There were lots of things I want to remember but failed to document with my handy iPhone. Like having a feast of Taco Bell (that sounds so intense) at the same spot we got engaged at…”our” spot. Date night. Random fun stuff Thomas and I do together. A beautiful wedding we attended. Stuff like that.

 I’m writing this little segment as a reminder to take more pictures.

Note to editting Jordan: take.more.pics.plz&thx.

Also — the other day at the store, I snuck some fake eyelashes in the cart (sorry, Baby, I had to practice my ninja skills…) and I’ve been dabbling in the art of learning how to use those suckers. Hats off to all you people that do that on the daily. I’m pretty sure I’ve almost glued my eye shut a few times.

Valentine’s Day:

Last but not least, I want to just write a little bit about our Valentine’s Day! It was our first married one, our second one together, and it was amazing! Last Saturday, we had a night out since we knew he’d have to work yesterday, but I surprised him with a little something because #hopelessromantictoafault.

I didn’t get the best pictures, so sorry!

I made a little bed on the floor of our living room, and decorated it all up. I couldn’t decide to use the picture with the flash or without. They’re both awful quality, so I decided to insert them both. Because logic.

Back story: When Thomas came and visited me for the first time, he stayed in our camper, and I may have *ahem* went a little crazy decorating it all up. Remember that hopeless romantic hashtag?…yeah. I saved and used a few of the decorations from that time because I’m ridiculously sentimental like that.

The bears are gifts we’ve given to each other over time. Like the little one off to the side that my mom convinced me would be a good idea to bring for him when we picked him up from the airport that first night. I chickened out, and resigned to just tossing it at him when we got to the car, and secluding myself to my corner because I’m an awkward introvert like that. Then, he gave me a bag of my favorite chocolates. I still have them, and all the other ones he’s given to me since in a drawer because I’m way to sentimental to actually eat them. Somehow he still loved me.

Oh, and later on that same night, we went to Walmart at 2 am and he saw a bin full of $50 giant teddy bears, and he said “Every girl deserves a giant teddy bear.” He made me pick one out. So, that’s the story behind the big one. Confession: I cuddled that thing to death during our long distance relationship days.

Man, am I glad those are over.

Okay, I’m done boring you with stories now. Back to present day.

I also made a classic french picnic of fresh bread and cheese, fruit, nuts, herbed oil, etc. because –

a.) I’m convinced I was supposed to be French and say “wei wei” and wear stripes and red lipstick all of my days. Idk what happened there.

b.) It’s symbolic.

We dream of the days we can travel together, and while we’re working towards that goal and dream of ours, it was nice to pull a little bit of our dreams in our current reality. So, a french picnic, with our song playing, candles flickering, and discussing our future french picnic in France, it was!

& It was wonderful.splendid.marvelous.magical.

Oh, how I love this man. Thomas, thank you for giving me the unspeakable privilege of being your girl. You have all of me forever. I love you, my Forever Valentine.

So, that’s life for us these days. If anyone actually read this — go buy yourself that thing that’s been in the back of your head that you want but haven’t bought yet because of money. Why? I’ll tell you why: because you deserve it.

*high five*




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