What if I were to tell you that you could go anywhere, be anyone, see anything, dream any dream you could imagine, all without being a millionaire or leaving your comfy bed?

Well, my friends, it’s true. You can be transported back to the 1930s, dancing in a sequined gown with a deep red lip. You could be transported to the future, flying through space, or giving orders to a robot. You could be transported to any place in the world – all in an instant. The secret? You guessed it.

It all takes place in a book.

In our current day, book lovers are becoming a dying breed. I hope that through this post, I can not only show you how reading could be beneficial, but also kindle (pun intended) a love and a desire for reading deep inside you. I know for me, I’ve gone through seasons where I read everything, then I don’t for a few months or so. I’m definitely my happiest when I’m chapters deep in a book.

I hope I can convince you to discover the same joy.

Let’s begin, shall we?

1.) Reading can expand your mind, and even reshape you as a person…

…and that can be a good or scary thing.

You will be exposed to new perspectives, thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and so much more. The more you read, the more you grow as a person. While this can be a beautiful thing, I do caution you to be mindful of what you’re reading.

“Show me your best friends and your favorite books, and I’ll show you your future”

I first heard this years ago, and it still rings through my mind every time I pick up a new book. There is good, and there is evil. Sift. Choose wisely.

With that being said, when you come across those books that spur you onto greatness, change your worldview for the better, bring you to a deeper understanding on a topic you are interested in and passionate about, show you the thoughts of authors and people you admire and respect… It’s lovely.

Through reading fiction, you can see and identify qualities in characters you admire, and therefore want to emulate. With nonfiction, you can read people’s stories and learn from both their successes and mistakes. Your vocabulary will expand exponentially. You will increase your thinking skills. And the list goes on and on.

You simply must try it for yourself. Find a book on a topic of interest, and dive in. But, can you please finish my post first? k thx.

2.) You will truly never be lonely.

One of my most fondest memories as a child is reading through the Narnia series when I was about ten years old, awkward, and well, alone. As sad as that sounds, all was not lost. I can recall exactly how those books made me feel. I had role models like Susan and Lucy to see positive qualities in to admire, and therefore imitate. I had Aslan to anticipate. I had the whole world of Narnia to daydream of, envision, and delight in.

Today, I carry those same habits with me; although, hopefully I’m a bit less nerdy and awkward (or at the very least, better at concealing it). My husband works long hours, and reading while he’s gone helps me not miss him so much. My best friends live in different states, so we can’t exactly hangout as often as we’d like, and…you get the gist.

If you’re in a season of life where you’re lonely, or just don’t have much to do: read. Better your mind. Grow as a person. Gain new knowledge. I promise this is something you won’t regret.

When your mind is consumed in a book, you won’t think about how lonely you’d feel if you were just mindlessly chilling. Truth.

You will befriend those you read of, but I must forewarn you: it truly hurts when you finish a book or book series, and the characters you’ve fallen in love with are…no more. For my fellow readers, you know. For my inquiring minds who don’t yet read – You have been warned.

3.) Dream of adventure and traveling the world? Find a lovely novel and go.

This is a huuuuuge one for me. Confession: I have been tested positive for wanderlust. Okay, not really, but if that was a thing, that would be more than true. I’ve always held a love and fascination for Paris; and consequently, 36% of my books have to do with Paris and Parisian culture. I find that submerging my mind in books on the places I want to go and see someday make me a bit less antsy to go when I’m in a season of life right now where I simply can’t.

I dream of being a world traveler, and visiting many places other than just Paris, although Paris is high on my list. If I dwell on that alone, I can become very discontent and disheveled in my current lot in life. Reading books on such topics keep me dreaming, but in an active way, instead of a passive one.

Whatever your dream is, there are many books on that topic. I promise. Find them. Devour them. Leave a comment below and tell me what that is for you, and I can assist you in the pursuit of your perfect books. #GoTeam

4.) Want to learn a new skill, like say, jousting? The possibilities are endless.

I went through a phase where I read books on cheesemaking for about two weeks. Have I ever done it? No. But I can tell you how.

I’ve also learned more practical skills, like how to play guitar, for example. I’m convinced there isn’t a single skill you can’t learn through reading, Google, and Youtube. Make use of the knowledge and technology we’ve been given. Read. Study. Learn. Grow.

5.) My personal favorite — your bookshelf will be your very favorite decor piece in your home.

Gimme all the heart eye emojis. Maybe this one is just me, but there is nothing more pleasing to me than sitting back and admiring my bookshelf. Truthfully, I think that comes from my pure love of books. If you just dive into the world of reading, you will soon experience the same pleasure. The most satisfying feeling ever to me is walking into a bookstore and spending as long as I possibly can flipping through all the books and finding the perfect book (or fourteen) to add to my bookshelf.

The only thing better is if the said bookstore also has a coffee/tea shop.

Triple win if they come in cute cups.

In a future post, I’ll write about my favorite books and how they’ve shaped my life. That just sounds so enticing to all my readers, right? *crickets*

Now for the fun part, to all of you who don’t read my blog:

CHALLENGE: find a book that looks amazing to you, and read it. Cover to cover. Don’t let that seem too daunting; just squeeze in a chapter or two whenever you have time.

I hope that this post sparked some inspiration for you to read more!

Comment below and tell me some books you’ve been loving!




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